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We have just opened our pet boarding kennel!  Small dogs and cats too!
Price List.......

Small dogs $10 a day
Cats $7 a day

Second dog in the SAME cage is an additional $8 a day.
Second cat in the SAME cage is an additional $5 a day.
Extra Services.....

Two 15 minute play sessions a day - $5 extra per day

A 15 minute walk on lead a day - $3 extra per day

Daily meds given - $2 extra per day

Nail cut - $5

Ear Cleaning - $3

Flea Bath - Depends on breed (Your pet will be inspected for fleas upon arrival.  If your pet has fleas, a flea bath will be given before going into the kennel and the cost will be added to your bill.)

Going home bath - depends on breed (includes bath, nail cut, ear cleaning and light brush out.  Have your pet come home nice and clean after boarding!  Ask for quote.)

Grooming - Depends on breed (Grooming includes bath, nail cut ear cleaning, and haircut.  Ask for quote.)


Take a look at our boarding contract and the paperwork you will be filling out when dropping your dog off.  Save time by printing them and filling them out at home before arriving!


We try extremely hard to have a flea free enviroment in our grooming and boarding areas.  If a pet has fleas when arriving for boarding the pet will be given a flea bath before going into the kennel and the cost will be added to the bill.  Please be sure to have flea preventative on your pet before boarding.

Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations.  If a pet arrives without appropriate shots they will be updated by a vet of our choice and the owner will be charged a $25 transport fee as well as the vaccination bill.  We have to look out for the health of other peoples pets.
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Any questions? 
You will need to fill out a boarding information sheet and a boarding price sheet for each pet.  Only one contract is needed.