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Pet Health
Having your pet groomed is very important.  It insures that your pet is happy and healthy.

A matted animal can be uncomfortable and unhealthy.  When an animal is matted it can cause sever skin problems and even cause the skin to deteriorate.  Mats in the pads can cause the animal pain and trap in foreign objects.  Matting will also cause your grooming price to be higher since extreme care has to be taken so the pet isn't nicked.  Matting is also more expensive to be brushed out and also is very painful to the pet.  A pet should be groomed about every 6 to 8 weeks depending on breed.

Overgrown nails can cause uneven walking, pain and even damage to your floors and furniture.  They can even grow so long that they turn and pierce the pad causing pain and infection.  Nails should be clipped at least every few months to avoid these problems.

Having your pets ears cleaned is essential for a healthy dog.  Groomers and veterinarians have their own opinions about pulling ear hair.  We personally believe that more harm than good can come of it.  When the hair is pulled it sometimes will open up the ear to infection.  Some dogs do need to have it done occasionally, and some need it every time depending on how much of the ear canal is blocked.  We wont pull ear hair unless it is excessive or is by the request of the owner.

Having your pets teeth brushed is a wonderful addition to their normal grooming.  Routine teeth brushing keeps tarter under control and will keep your pet away from expensive veterinary dental cleanings.  Teeth brushing is important for their dental health and will also make your pet more kissable!